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If any purchaser of ServiceDesk has placed it into full implementation* for a period of at least 30 days, and if after this the purchaser concludes it is not the system it wishes to use (and in circumstances where the purchaser is nevertheless still continuing to need service-management software) . . . if these contingencies arise, the purchaser will be released from further obligation under the purchase contract and any such monies as have been paid in purchase will be promptly refunded by Rossware Computing, Inc. to the purchaser.

*Full implementation is defined as using each of ServiceDesk’s basic-and-core-level operational elements in the direct operation of your business. It does not mean needing to use advanced-level elements or any of Rossware's supplemental systems.
Contractual Agreement

As authorized representative for, and on behalf of , I acknowledge and accept the terms in Rossware's Satisfaction Guarantee (described above). By continuing this ordering process, I realize I am instantiating a purchase contract between and Rossware Computing, Inc.

I understand that, in reliance on ’s promise in this contract, Rossware Computing, Inc. will create custom-tailored elements to fit ’s own specifically-requested territory. Rossware Computing, Inc. will make a significant investment to accomplish this.

With this understanding, agrees that, except and unless terms in the Satisfaction Guarantee override, it is subject to a contractual obligation to make .

Checking the "I agree" checkbox signifies you have read, agree to and understand the above terms in their entirety. Checking the "I agree" checkbox will legally bind you to the agreements above stated.
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